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Soultzmatt military cemetery. Sursa foto: Ralph Hammann/

Romania’s National Day. A View from Strasbourg

"Climate crisis is no longer an abstract notion". Opinion Article by dr. Ion I. Jinga, ambasador extraordinar și plenipotențiar, Reprezentant Permanent al României la Consiliul Europei, Strasbourg. <br><b><br>
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OP-EDClimate Crisis: Avoiding the End of History

Borrell: Europe has to become a security provider

STARS4MEDIAMedia4Europe Summit - the launching event of the second edition of the Stars4Media

Raluca Prună, foto AGERPRES, 2018

Raluca Prună: "The Covid-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented global challenges"

Marius Manole, actor, and Carmen Vidu, theatre director

Astra Film Festival 2020 starts on Friday, 4th of September, in Sibiu. Soon, online

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When people are afraid, conspiracy theories offer answers to calm those fears - news literacy expert

Marie Bohner, Global Head of Partnerships, First Draft

Marie Bohner, First Draft: "You can’t protect democracy by reducing it"

Why are conspiracy theories unsuccessful in Finland? The role of education

Facts, not FakeMarius Dragomir:the media captured by governments and oligarchs are a major source of disinformation

Jens Stoltenberg: NATO can help address roots of the migrant and refugee crisis

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