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When people are afraid, conspiracy theories offer answers to calm those fears - news literacy expert

Marie Bohner, Global Head of Partnerships, First Draft

Marie Bohner, First Draft: "You can’t protect democracy by reducing it"

Why are conspiracy theories unsuccessful in Finland? The role of education

Facts, not FakeMarius Dragomir:the media captured by governments and oligarchs are a major source of disinformation

Jens Stoltenberg: NATO can help address roots of the migrant and refugee crisis

European states set up Intelligence College for better cooperation of intelligence community

Conferinta Just Competition, Bucuresti, 2016: Diana Ungureanu, Adam Scott si Andrei Schwartz

INTERACTIVEști magistrat și ai întrebări în dreptul concurenței?

We launched in Moldova as well., a website with safe, clean and manipulation-free news

Source: European Commission, EYD 2015

Project description: We develop!

Romanian deputies build wall around PM Ponta against criminal inquiry on corruption charges

The Romanian PM, Victor Ponta – under criminal investigation by DNA. The PM: "I don't resign"


Press release/ Six financing programmes available for large companies from the private sector

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