The initiative was developed in response to the growing request for an innovative training solution in the field of competition law. This need concerns the potential to encourage a more consistent enforcement of the law by reaching a wider judicial audience and by providing it with standard interactive training sessions. Consequently, the partners have decided to develop a training solution, radically different from the initiatives currently being implemented across Europe.

The project will move away from formal seminars and written guides and will focus on developing a video training-module. It will be hosted online and will offer information and interaction, enabling European judges to experience the nature and characteristics of a real training seminar without being present at one.

The video training module will be primarily based on the sessions of two training seminars that will take place in Bucharest and Brussels. Its final version will be presented at the project`s closing conference in Bucharest.

The consortium is supported by the Association of European Competition Law Judges (AECLJ)

The project has 16 months of implementation (starting on February 2015) and is financed by the European Commission, DG Competition, through the Civil Justice Programme.