Rulo (EN)

Teaching the main principles of the judicial system to children should start early in school, once the knowledge acquired enables them to approach abstract concepts in relation to phenomena encountered in real life.

In response to this situation, the Digital Bridge Association (EURACTIV Romania) and the Romanian Centre for European Policies (CRPE) developed several animations that introduce an alternate universe of concepts such as the rule of law, equality before the law, independence of justice, corruption or state capture to children. The smart animations reveal the fantastic world of the small town Mechanica, situated in the Land of Fun, and populated with human-like robots, objects and animals. The main character is RULO (name derived from Rule of Law), a 12 years-old robot, that goes through different adventures that help explained to children complex legal concepts.

The project -“Explaining state capture to school pupils through smart animations” - targets secondary school children, but its resources are open to anyone interested in simple explanations of the legal concepts.

RULO (Ep. 1): Ruling the history competition

RULO (Ep. 2): The independece of the justice system

RULO (Ep. 3): The law has to be the same for everyone

RULO (Ep. 4): What is the best digital game?

RULO (Ep. 5): No fun in the Land of Fun

RULO (Ep. 6): RULO and the abuse of power

RULO (Ep. 7): Can we get a training centre?

RULO (Ep. 8): The Land of Fun is hiring!

RULO (Ep. 9): The history competition of Mr. Cobble

RULO (Ep. 10): Rulo runs for office against Mr. Cobble!

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